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Cisco Live 2012 San Diego Video CK Exclusive

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 06:24 AM

Cisco Live 2012 San Diego Video CK Exclusive

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Cisco Live 2012 San Diego Video | Size 48.76 GB
Type CBT

Cisco Live offers an unparalleled combination of education and training on the latest technologies and trends; testing and certification on Cisco products; and the opportunity for attendees to extend their professional networks by forging new connections with like-minded colleagues.

Cisco Live evolved out of the Networkers conferences that began in 1989. Today’s events continue that early emphasis on enhancing technical skills and discovering innovative solutions to evolving network and communications challenges. The events allow Cisco customers, executives, experts, and partners to share insights on emerging technologies and their potential to transform the way we work, learn, and play.

Recent years have seen the emergence of Cisco Live 365 – an interactive online complement to the live events. Cisco Live 365 allows members of the Cisco community to experience live concurrent programming and access other event content both during and after live events.

List of video

BRKAPP-2005 - Deploying Cisco Wide Area Application Services.m4v
BRKAPP-2026 - Unified Network Services.m4v
BRKAPP-2027 - Big Data Architecture And Deployment.m4v
BRKAPP-2028 - Deploying Applications In Today's Network Infrastructure.m4v
BRKAPP-2029 - Design And Deployment Of Mission Critical Applications In Health Care.
BRKAPP-2030 - Application Visibility And Control In Enterprise WAN .m4v
BRKAPP-3006 - Advanced Troubleshooting Cisco Wide Area Application Services.m4v
BRKARC-1001 - Healthcare Providers Datacenter And Campus Architectures - A Virtualiz
BRKARC-1005 - Virtual Experience Infrastructure (VXI) For Government And Education.m
BRKARC-1006 - Planning, Building And Deploying Cisco's Remote Expert Solution.m4v
BRKARC-2001 - Cisco ASR1000 Series Routers - System And Solution Architectures.m4v
BRKARC-2003 - Cisco ASR 9000 Architecture.m4v
BRKARC-2008 - Smart Grid - Field Area Network Multi-Service Architecture.m4v
BRKARC-3452 - Cisco Nexus 5000_5500 And 2000 Switch Architecture.m4v
BRKARC-3465 - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Architecture.m4v
BRKARC-3466 - Exploring The Engineering Behind The Making Of A Switch.m4v
BRKARC-3470 - Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch Architecture.m4v
BRKCCIE-1001 - Cisco Data Center Training And Certification Portfolio Evolution.m4v
BRKCCIE-9592 - IPv6 For Route And Switching CCIE Candidates.m4v
BRKCCT-1007 - Cisco SocialMiner Customer Collaboration Technical Innovation.m4v
BRKCCT-1011 - Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Update And Roadmap.m4v
BRKCCT-2007 - Planning And Designing A Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Deplo
BRKCCT-2030 - SIP Based Architectures For Cisco Contact Center Solutions And Collabo
BRKCCT-3004 - Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise And CVP Solution Fault Toleran
BRKCCT-3005 - Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise.m4v
BRKCDN-1001 - Programming With The Finesse API.m4v
BRKCDN-1003 - How To Add Cisco Collaboration To Your Enterprise Web Application.m4v
BRKCDN-1006 - Building Scalable OpenStack Based Clouds On Cisco Architectures.m4v
BRKCDN-1007 - Cisco Developer Show And Tell "Jabber Enabled Enterprise Applications"
BRKCDN-1012 - Building A Graphical Web-based Application For Managing Cisco IOS Devi
BRKCOL-2020 - Cisco Interoperability With Microsoft.m4v
BRKCOL-2025 - Deploying Cisco WebEx In Enterprise Networks.m4v
BRKCOL-2181 - Deploying Cisco Quad - Enterprise Social Software.m4v
BRKCOL-2304 - Designing Cisco Conferencing Solutions.m4v
BRKCOL-2370 - IBM Integration Options For Cisco Collaboration.m4v
BRKCOM-1002 - Data Center Architectures And Virtual Private Data Centers With UCS.m4
BRKCOM-1005 - UCS System Architecture Overview.m4v
BRKCOM-2001 - UCS Deep Dive.m4v
BRKCOM-2002 - UCS Supported Storage Architectures And Best Practices With Storage.m4
BRKCOM-2005 - UCS Fabric And VM's - Extending FEX Direct To VM's In UCS.m4v
BRKCRS-2035 - Simplifying Campus Network Virtualization With EVN.m4v
BRKCRS-3141 - Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 3750 3560 And 2960 Series Switches.m4v
BRKCRS-3143 - Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches.m4v
BRKCRT-3133 - CCNP Security - IPSv7.0 Exam Prep.m4v
BRKCRT-8104 - Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions For CCNP Security.m4v
BRKCRT-8163 - CCNP Security - Securing Networks With ASA VPNs.m4v
BRKCRT-8302 - CCNA Wireless.m4v
BRKCRT-8303 - Performing A Wireless Site Survey - Tips And Tricks.m4v
BRKCRT-8862 - Cisco Certified Architect.m4v
BRKCRT-9103 - CCNA Voice - Real World Overview And Certification Preparation.m4v
BRKCRT-9344 - IPv6 For Cert Nuts.m4v
BRKCRT-9346 - Mastering IP Subnetting Forever.m4v
BRKCRT-9806 - CCNP Voice - CIPT1 Exam Prep.m4v
BRKDCT-1044 - FCoE For The IP Network Engineer.m4v
BRKDCT-1253 - Introduction To OpenStack Cloud Computing Software.m4v
BRKDCT-2081 - Cisco FabricPath Technology And Design.m4v
BRKDCT-2121 - VDC Design And Implementation Considerations With Nexus.m4v
BRKDCT-2214 - Ultra Low Latency Data Center Design - End-to-end Design Approach.m4v
BRKDCT-2215 - Data Center Fabric With Nanosecond Accuracy - Design And Implement IEE
BRKDCT-2223 - Evolution Of The Data Center Edge.m4v
BRKDCT-2255 - Cisco's Cloud Ready Infastructure - VMDC.m4v
BRKDCT-3201 - Designing Large Scale Data Center Network For Big Data Applications.m4
BRKDCT-3252 - An Infrastructure Approach To On-boarding And Migration To A Cloud.m4v
BRKEVT-2317 - Unlock The Power Of Video With _Capture, Transform, Share_ Solution.m4
BRKEVT-2805 - Understanding And Troubleshooting Personal Telepresence.m4v
BRKEVT-2806 - Troubleshooting Network Impairments In Enterprise TelePresence Deploym
BRKEVT-2807 - Enterprise Video Network Performance Analysis With Medianet.m4v
BRKEVT-2808 - Developing Integrations With Cisco Video Solutions.m4v
BRKEVT-2809 - Cisco Telepresence Conductor - Simple, Natural Conferencing.m4v
BRKEWN-2011 - Managing An Enterprise WLAN With Cisco Prime Network Control System.m4
BRKEWN-2013 - Deploying Wireless Guest Access.m4v
BRKEWN-2018 - RF Standards Update.m4v
BRKEWN-2019 - RF Design For The Mobile Device Explosion.m4v
BRKEWN-2020 - Securely Managing The BYOD Phenomena.m4v
BRKEWN-3010 - Understanding And Deploying The CleanAir Technology.m4v
BRKEWN-3012 - Troubleshooting Voice Over Wireless LAN Deployment.m4v
BRKEWN-3014 - Best Practices To Deploy High-availability In Wireless LAN Architectur
BRKIPM-3062 - Nexus Multicast Design Best Practices.m4v
BRKMPL-2101 - Deploying MPLS-based Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks.m4v
BRKMPL-2109 - MPLS Solutions For Cloud Networking.m4v
BRKNMS-1035 - The NOC At CiscoLive.m4v
BRKNMS-1036 - Simplify Network Management And Reduce Operational Costs With Cisco Pr
BRKNMS-1037 - Unified Communications Management Suite Methodology And Deployment Bes
BRKNMS-2511 - Cisco Videoscape Management Solution.m4v
BRKNMS-2512 - Moving Cloud From Hype To Realty.m4v
BRKNMS-2514 - Performance Assurance - An Integrated Approach To Managing Service Del
BRKPCS-4714 - Intelligent Taps And Access Switching Redefining Network Intelligence.
BRKRST-2040 - WAN Design And Deployment Using The Cisco Smart Business Architecture.
BRKRST-2044 - Enterprise Multi-Homed Internet Edge Architectures.m4v
BRKRST-2051 - Software Defined Networks And OpenFlow.m4v
BRKRST-2051b - Software Defined Networks And OpenFlow.m4v
BRKRST-2311 - IPv6 Planning, Deployment And Operation Considerations.m4v
BRKRST-2510 - Using Cisco Common Classification Policy Language.m4v
BRKRST-3045 - LISP - A Next Generation Networking Architecture.m4v
BRKRST-3051 - Core Network Design - Minimizing Packet Loss With IGPs And MPLS.m4v
BRKRST-3052 - IP FRR Network Availability And Simplicity.m4v
BRKSAN-1121 - SAN Core Edge Design Best Practices.m4v
BRKSAN-2047 - FCoE - Design, Operations And Management Best Practices.m4v
BRKSEC-1000 - Securing Hastily Formed Networks For Disaster Relief And Emergency Res
BRKSEC-1003 - Social Networking Security.m4v
BRKSEC-2000 - Securing Borderless Networks.m4v
BRKSEC-2001 - Emerging Threats.m4v
BRKSEC-2003 - IPv6 Security Threats And Mitigations.m4v
BRKSEC-2006 - It Is 2012, Why Do You Keep Getting Hacked_.m4v
BRKSEC-2009 - Securing Cloud Computing.m4v
BRKSEC-2020 - Firewall Deployment.m4v
BRKSEC-2021 - Firewall Architectures.m4v
BRKSEC-2022 - Demystifying TrustSec, Identity, NAC And ISE.m4v
BRKSEC-2030 - Deploying Intrusion Preventions Systems.m4v
BRKSEC-2031 - Deploying Secure Branch And Edge Solutions.m4v
BRKSEC-2046 - Cisco Trustsec And Security Group Tagging.m4v
BRKSEC-2050 - Secure Mobility.m4v
BRKSEC-2053 - Practical PKI For VPN.m4v
BRKSEC-2055 - Securing Your Telecommuters And Virtual Office Program.m4v
BRKSEC-2101 - Deploying Web Security.m4v
BRKSEC-2202 - Understanding And Preventing Layer 2 Attacks In IPv4 Networks.m4v
BRKSEC-2205 - Security And Virtualization In The Data Center.m4v
BRKSEC-3005 - Advanced IEEE 802.1X.m4v
BRKSEC-3009 - Cryptography And The Internet.m4v
BRKSEC-3013 - Advanced IPSec With FlexVPN And IKEv2.m4v
BRKSEC-3032 - Deploying TrustSec In Enterprise Branch And WAN Networks.m4v
BRKSEC-3040 - TrustSec And ISE Deployment Best Practices.m4v
BRKSEC-3050 - Troubleshooting Remote Access SSL VPN And Secure Mobility.m4v
BRKSEC-4054 - DMVPN Deployment Models.m4v
BRKSPG-2000 - Getting The Most Out Of Your Router Before And After Deployment.m4v
BRKSPG-2023 - Introduction MPLS Transport Profile.m4v
BRKSPG-2116 - Advances In IP Optical.m4v
BRKSPG-2170 - Synchronization In Packet-Based Networks (SyncE_IEEE1588-2008).m4v
BRKSPG-2202 - Deploying Carrier Ethernet Services On ASR 9000.m4v
BRKSPG-2604 - Deploying Carrier Grade IPv6 Using CGSE.m4v
BRKSPG-2605 - End To End Security In A Hosted Collaboration Environment.m4v
BRKSPG-2702 - Network APIs - Monetizing Network Intelligence.m4v
BRKSPM-1200 - Service Provider Wi-Fi - Architecture And Design.m4v
BRKSPM-2200 - SP Wi-Fi - Deploying Access For 3G And 4G Mobile Networks.m4v
BRKSPM-2244 - Femtocells In 3G And 4G Networks.m4v
BRKSPM-2300 - EPC In LTE Networks - Design, Deployment, And References.m4v
BRKSPM-2305 - Introducing The ASR 5500 For Mobile Networks.m4v
BRKSPM-2405 - Mobile RAN Backhaul In 3G And 4G Networks.m4v
BRKSPM-2505 - LTE Networks - Deploying Voice, Video, And Messaging Over LTE.m4v
BRKSPM-2525 - Mobile Video - Designing And Deploying The Next Generation Experience.
BRKSPM-3300 - LTE Network - Design And Deployments.m4v
BRKSPM-3400 - Next Generation Cell Site Backhaul.m4v
BRKSPV-2462 - Videoscape Economic Analysis.m4v
BRKSPV-2808 - TV Everywhere - Part I.m4v
BRKSPV-2920 - Digital Media Workflow For Broadcasters.m4v
BRKSPV-3112 - Development Trends In Delivery Of Live And VOD Based Services.m4v
BRKUCC-2006 - SIP Trunk Design And Deployment In Enterprise UC Networks.m4v
BRKUCC-2012 - On-Site Emergency Call Notification.m4v
BRKUCC-2350 - Enhanced Survivability For Enterprise And Cloud Based UC.m4v
BRKUCC-2450 - Designing And Deploying UC Networks With Cisco Unified Session Managem
BRKUCC-2785 - Understanding Cisco Unified Presence.m4v
BRKUCC-2932 - Troubleshooting SIP With Cisco Unified Communications.m4v
BRKUCC-2933 - Understanding Cisco Virtualization Experience Clients.m4v
BRKUCC-2934 - Implementation And Management Of Cisco's Enterprise Session Border Co
BRKUCC-3200 - Advanced PKI And Certificate Management For Cisco UCS.m4v
BRKUCC-3420 - Advanced Implementing Directory Intergration And SSO For Cisco Collabo
BRKVIR-2002 - Deploying VDI And VXI.m4v
BRKVIR-2014 - Architecting Scalable Clouds Using VXLAN And Nexus 1000V.m4v
BRKVIR-2017 - The Nexus 1000V On Microsoft Hyper-V - Expanding The Virtual Edge.m4v
CCSNMS-1903 - Learn How Human Kinetics Uses A New Cisco Solution.m4v
CCSSEC-2202 - Clouds In My Coffee.m4v
CCSSEC-4340 - How A Security Enterprise License Agreement With Cisco.m4v
CCSSPM-4995 - Verizon Case Study - Mobile Video Delivery Architecture.m4v
CIN-WS155 - TechWiseTV - Technical Deep Dive With Product Experts.m4v
COCDCT-2765 - Mission-Critical Applications From Legacy RISC_UNIX Platforms To UCS.m
COCEVT-3430 - Video Interoperability...Not Just A Dream.m4v
COCEVT-3431 - Offering Video As An IT Service...How To Fund, Justify And Enable.m4v
COCRST-3816 - Deploying Borderless Network Technologies.m4v
GENCOL-4341 - Executive QAndA - Collaboration And Video Part 1.m4v
GENDCT-4342 Executive QAndA - Collaboration And Video Part 2.m4v
GENSK-4351b - Solutions Keynote - Collaboration And Video.m4v
GENSP-4300 - Service Provider General Session And Luncheon.m4v
ITMGEN-4632 - Innovation In The Enterprise.m4v
ITMGEN-4634 - Running IT As A Business.m4v
ITMGEN-4636 - The New Rules For IT.m4v
ITMGEN-4637 - Collaboration - The IT Investment Of The Decade.m4v
ITMGEN-4638 - Empowering The Mobile Workforce.m4v
ITMGEN-4639a - Cisco's Virtualization And Cloud Journey Part I.m4v
ITMGEN-4639b Cisco's Virtualization And Cloud Journey Part 2.m4v
ITMGEN-4640 - The Present And Future Of Cloud And Data Center Technologies- Panel.m4
ITMGEN-4641 - Getting Value Out Of Big Data.m4v
ITMGEN-4643 - Preparing The Enterprise For BYOD - Policy, Culture, And Business Valu
ITMGEN-4644 - Networking At The Speed Of Software - Moving Up The Stack.m4v
ITMGEN-4645 - Implementing Cloud Service - A Practical Example.m4v
ITMGEN-4646 - Business Value Of Collaboration.m4v
ITMGEN-4647 - Optimizing The Workforce Of The Future - When Generations Collide.m4v
ITMGEN-4648 - Offering Video As An IT Service...How To Fund, Justify And Enable.m4v
ITMGEN-4649 - Pervasive Security.m4v
ITMGEN-4797 - Running IT In A Global Market.m4v
ITMGEN-4839 - Simplify IT And Ignite Innovation With Oracle And Cisco.m4v
PNLDCT-4003 - Panel - Big Data Architecture, Sizing And Scaling .m4v
PNLRST-4001 - Panel - LISP Executive Panel.m4v
PNLRST-4002 - Panel - Enterprises' Dilemma - Choosing L2VPN Or L3VPN.m4v
PNLRST-4007 - Delivering Real Software Defined Networking (SDN) Solutions.m4v
PNLSEC-4006 - Panel - BYOD - Managing The Proliferation Of Smart Devices In The Ente
PSOCCIE-9302 - Cornerstones Of CCIE Success.m4v
PSOCOL-3501 - Collaboration In A Post PC World - Work Your Way.m4v
PSOCOL-4001 - Planning The Right Architecture Video And Collaboration.m4v
PSODCT-3860 - UCS - Leading The Market Transition For Server Technology.m4v
PSODCT-3861 - Technologies Transforming The Data Center.m4v
PSODCT-3863 - Journey To The Cloud - Benefits Of A IT-as-a-Service.m4v
PSODCT-4060 - Changing The Economics Of The Data Center.m4v
PSOEVT-3500 - Ensuring Video Interoperability In A World Of Multiple Standards.m4v
PSOEVT-4002 - Delivering Operational Excellence With Collaboration And Video Applica
PSOEWN-3820 - Mobility.m4v
PSORST-3980 - Extending Enterprise Networking To The Cloud.m4v
PSOSEC-3824 - Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution 1.0.m4v
PSOSEC-4245 - BYOD - Management And Control For The Use And Provisioning.m4v
PSOSPG-1280 - Orchestrate Your Cloud.m4v
PSOSPG-1281 - SP Cloud Orchestration Solution Cloud Whole Offer.m4v
PSOSPG-4325 - ASR9K BNG Update.m4v
SIPSP-1143 - Monetizing The Cloud - Cloud Futures.m4v


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Posted 01 July 2013 - 08:06 AM

anybody knows where I can get selected videos only and not all?

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