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70-647 Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Administrator Training DVD

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 04:57 PM

70-647 Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Administrator Training DVD

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70-647 Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Administrator Training DVD


With Our Enterprise Administrator Training You Will Learn To Design Active Directory Networks, Configure Certificate Services, Utilize High Availability Tools and More. Plus, learn everything you need to know to pass the 70-647 exam!
If you want to develop hands-on experience as an Enterprise Administrator for Windows Server 2008 R2, or prepare for the 70-647 MCTS exam, then this course is for you!

There are significant new features of Windows Server 2008 R2 in this course that you can't afford to miss. If you're looking to break into the IT industry or trying to move up from that junior tech position, then the knowledge and mastery of Windows Server 2008 R2 that you'll get in this course is the key. You can either follow along on your own computer or just sit back and enjoy the show!

If you've got Windows Server 2008 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure under your belt, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Administrator is the next stop on your way towards MCITP: Enterprise Administrator certification. Good Luck!

Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Administrator Training

In this lesson you will meet your instructor and you will find out what you will be doing in the lessons. In addition, you will also find out how to use this course to maximize your benefits.

Who is Your Instructor?
What Will We Be Doing?
How to Use This Course

Lesson 2 - Lab Setup

In this lesson you will find out what hardware and software you need in order to follow along with this course. You will also find about the servers you will be using throughout the lessons.

Discuss the Build Out of This Course
My Environment

Lesson 3 - The Course Scenario

This lesson will explain our scenario for this course and how we will be using it throughout the course.

The Globomantics Scenario

Lesson 4 - Planning Name Resolution

In this lesson we will learn how to plan a name resolution strategy. We will talk about internal and external naming strategy, naming resolution support for legacy clients and Active Directory, and some enhancements introduced with the R2 version of Windows Server 2008.

Internal and External Naming Strategy
Naming Resolution Support for Legacy Clients
Naming Resolution Support for Directory Services
Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS Enhancements
Demo: Configuring DNS

Lesson 5 - Designing Network Access

In this lesson we will learn about giving access to clients who are outside the secure walls of your internal corporate network. We will discuss the use of perimeter networks, remote access strategies, NAP, and server and domain isolation.

What is a Perimeter Network?
Perimeter Network Solutions
Typical Services Found in a Perimeter Network
Remote Access Strategy
VPN Protocols
Authentication Protocols
Securing VPN Servers
What is Network Access Protection (NAP)?
Server and Domain Isolation
Demo: Server and Domain Isolation

Lesson 6 - Planning Remote Desktop Services

In this lesson we will learn how to plan for remote desktop services. I will go over the RDS infrastructure and discuss how to use licensing, load balancing, and the RD Gateway to give remote access to resources.

Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure
Remote Desktop Licensing
Planning Remote Desktop Licensing
Remote Desktop Load Balancing
Remote Desktop Gateway
Demo: Remote Desktop Services

Lesson 7 - Designing Virtualization

In this lesson we will learn about designing virtualization. We will talk about how virtualization can help consolidate underutilized servers and deal with application compatibility issues. We will also discuss virtualization management and virtual server placement.

Server Consolidation
Benefits of Server Consolidation
Application Compatibility
Virtualization Management
Server Placement

Lesson 8 - Planning Application Delivery

In this lesson we will learn about getting applications deployed out to our clients. We will talk about using group policy, System Center Essentials, and System Center Configuration Manager to complete this task.

Group Policy
System Center Essentials
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Demo: Group Policy Application Deployment

Lesson 9 - Designing Active Directory Forests and Domains

In this lesson we will learn about designing an Active Directory forest and domain infrastructure. We will also discuss the use of forest and domain functional levels.

Forests, Trees, and Domains
Creating a Forest Structure
Creating a Domain Structure
Domain and Forest Functional Levels

Lesson 10 - Designing the Active Directory Physical Topology

In this lesson we will learn about designing the physical topology of Active Directory. We will discuss site and replication topologies, domain controller placement, and printer location policies.

Site and Replication Topology
Creating a Site Design
Domain Controller Placement
Printer Location Policies
Demo: Globomantics Site Options

Lesson 11 - Designing Active Directory Administration

In this lesson we will learn about designing an administration strategy for Active Directory. We will look at delegation, group management, and auditing strategies. We will also see how an OU structure can have a significant impact on AD administration.

Delegation Strategy
Group Management Strategy
Auditing Strategy
Organizational Unit Structure
Demo: Active Directory Administration Options

Lesson 12 - Designing Enterprise-Level Group Policy Strategy

In this lesson we will learn how to work with group policies at the enterprise level. We will look at the default group policy hierarchy and see how it can be modified with exceptions and filtering. We will also see how to implement password settings objects.

Group Policy Hierarchy
Exceptions and Filtering
Controlling Device Installation
Authentication and Authorization
Demo: Creating a New Password Settings Object

Lesson 13 - Designing Branch Office Deployment

In this lesson we will learn about how to keep our branch offices secure with limited resources and staff.

Authentication Strategy
Networking Services
Server Security
Demo: Designing Branch Office Deployment

Lesson 14 - Designing a Public Key Infrastructure

In this lesson we will learn about designing a public key infrastructure. We will talk about the PKI components, designing a CA hierarchy, and managing certificates.

PKI Components
CA Hierarchy
Certificate Management, Enrollment, and Renewal
Revocation Policy

Lesson 15 - Planning for Business Continuity

In this lesson we will learn about how to keep our business up and running with limited downtime and data loss. We will discuss high availability options and how to recovery directory services.

High Availability
Directory Service Recovery
Demo: Planning for Business Continuity

Lesson 16 - Designing for Software Updates

In this lesson we will learn about how to keep our network clients up to date with the latest security fixes and features. We will discuss the differences between Windows Update, WSUS, and System Center Essentials.

Windows Update
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
System Center Essentials 2010
Demo: How to Install WSUS on a Read-Only Domain Controller

Lesson 17 - Designing for Compliance Management

In this lesson we will learn about keeping our network compliant with updates and security settings. We will talk about using MBSA, WSUS reporting, and SCCM reporting. We will also take a look at the Security Configuration Wizard.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)
WSUS Reporting
System Center Configuration Manager Reporting
Security Configuration Wizard
Demo: Using the Security Configuration Wizard

Lesson 18 - Designing for Data Management and Access

In this lesson we will learn about keeping our data secure and making it efficiently available to our global clients. We will talk about security solutions such as EFS, BitLocker, and AD RMS. We will also discuss how to plan for using DFS.

Data Security Solutions
Planning a DFS Deployment

Lesson 19 - Preparing for Your Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator (70-647) Certification Exam

In this lesson you will gain some insight into the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator exam. We will go over the objectives and then review some recommendations that you should consider before taking the exam.

Exam Overview
Exam Objectives
Study Recommendations
Exam Preparations
What We Learned

Lesson 20 - Next Steps

In this last lesson we will quickly review what we learned in this course. After a quick follow up, we will talk about what future certification options are available to you.

What We Learned
Follow Up
What's Next for Certification?

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