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Posted 16 August 2011 - 10:24 PM

This is the day when my dream came true, I passed my CCIE....

And want to share my exp. to all of you guys,

This all started before 1 year, I started with INE to clear my concepts...

Then purchased CCIECEXX n failed my 1st attempt, I was every upset bcoz after giving so much of money to this guys they gave me all wrong solutions, n never got any support from this guys, if u ask something to them they will reply very late...

Thanx to friend who suggested me CCIERNSXXXX dumps, they were just amazing, the best part of them was they used to give me live support for free, I mean they literally taught me each n every concept on real labs...

So im just thanx to my friend n CCIERNSXXXX who really helped me with their solutions n support...

if u need any help u can PM me....
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#2 OFFLINE   eherf



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Posted 19 September 2012 - 10:52 AM

dear can you give me some info

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#3 OFFLINE   vishu2811



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Posted 16 September 2013 - 04:41 AM

which material is reliable , preferred for ts and config labs

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#4 OFFLINE   jackykoper



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Posted 24 September 2018 - 01:20 PM

Hello Guys ,
About Exam : I dont know other countries , but in Dubai The test center is very Good , Console is not that much slow  , speed is good . 
So Now Come To the point Of My Exam Feedback : I Got TS2 , H3 CFG and H2+ Diag . 
1: there was vlan access-map configured sequence 1 was deny , sequence 2 was permit , in sequence 1 there was an access-list 111 configured like this : 
ip access-list extended 111
    10 deny udp host eq 1985
    20 permit tcp any eq 666
    30 permit ip any any
 I added sequence 25 with deny ip any any 
2: The  Trace output Required The patch to go via R14 , But it was going through R15  : added Next-hop-self in R14 and There was ospf cost 9 
configured under interface  Just Manipulate that and Make that ip ospf cost 10 , after clearing Ip bgp  * soft , trace Gone Via R14. 
3: This Trace and load balancing which required was a bit Tricky as Follows : 
they Required that my Trace should Be Like This : 
Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to
VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)
  1 1 msec 1 msec 1 msec
  2 1 msec 0 msec 1 msec
  3 1 msec 1 msec 1 msec
  4 [AS 65002] 2 msec 2 msec 2 msec
  5 [AS 65002] 2 msec   3 msec
Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to
VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)
  1 1 msec 1 msec 0 msec
  2 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec
  3 [AS 65001] 1 msec 0 msec 1 msec
  4 [AS 65001] 2 msec 2 msec 1 msec
  5 [AS 65001] 2 msec   4 msec
, So When I t-shoot The loopback of R23 was in Wrong ospf process ID , So Fixed That and in The access-list which Advertised The Even prefixes for R12 
 needed to add Set origin IGP in order to fix , Caue R13 had Set metric 2 but origin IGP . 
And For This Traceroute IN Order The path to be like this We need To advertise the link between Ebgp Peers Or R12-22 , R13-23 . 
So I advertised From The link From R22 and R23 , The Traceroute Output Become like This : 
Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to
VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)
  1 1 msec 1 msec 1 msec
  2 1 msec 0 msec 1 msec
  3 [AS 65002] 1 msec 1 msec 1 msec
  4 [AS 65002] 2 msec 2 msec 2 msec
  5 [AS 65002] 2 msec   3 msec
Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to
VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)
  1 1 msec 1 msec 0 msec
  2 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec
  3 1 msec 0 msec 1 msec
  4 [AS 65001] 2 msec 2 msec 1 msec
  5 [AS 65001] 2 msec   4 msec
! When i was focusing I noticed Its a bit Different output mine with the required one . 
So I removed the link which i Advertised in R22 and R23 and Advertised The Same Link Via R12 and R13 . Then The issue Fixed . 
The Output Become Exact as The Required One . 
4: They Want The Traceroute from Server2 via R21 , But The Question Stated Dont change any Bgp Attribute , So i Manipulate The Cost of Loopback 0 of R20 to 1000.
The problem Solved. 
5:DMVPN : Only correct The Mask OF R60 to /24. 
6: VLan 2001 of SW111 is not advertised in OSPFv3 , Just Advertised It . 
7: In MPLS Vpn R5 loopback 0 was configured in Wrong ospf proccess ID Just put it in correct proccess id , and R10 Got #Ospf distance 19 , I change The Distance to 210 . clear ip ospf process.
8: Arp Inspection was configured in SW310 port-channel 2 , just Configured it in port-channel 1 also Problem Solved . 
9: There was Ip ospf network mismatch , changed the network type of R71 to point-to-multipoint.
10: Just Added Ip nat inside source static tcp ...... and ip nat outised source static ....... 
----------------Every Output Was The same AS The exam Required Path by Path -------------------------------------------------------------
---------------*****Very Very Important IN every Dhcp Server Which Gives Ip to clients I has Configured Leas 0 4 , Pleas Change The Lease To infinite and shut the client 
interface and no shut in order To Take Effect *----------------------------------------------------------------
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT FORGET TO DO" WRITE "AFTER EACH SECTION Cause : at the middle of our session The systems got Restarted Others which havent DID write , they must Config From 
the begining . 
Finished in 30 minitues .  
H2 + 
Was same as Workbook. 
At the first Which The CFG started , The first thing i did was going on SW300/301/310 and Do the command # show run  | s spanning-tree 
They were configured with "no spanning-tree mst simulate pvst global" , just Removed NO in order to MST work. 
Section 1 : exactly Same 
Section 1.2 : exactly Same 
only : The inerface connection that between distribute switches and access switches is like below:
SW300 E2/0-1 SW310 E2/0-1
SW301 E2/0-1 SW310 E2/2-3
SW400 E2/0-1 SW410 E2/0-1
SW401 E2/0-1 SW410 E2/2-3
SW500 E2/0-1 SW510 E2/2-3
SW501 E2/0-1 SW510 E2/0-1
Section 1.3 
only : 
There is vlan 3001 on SW310
so there will be Block interfaces for MST3, but in question, only required access vlan (2000-2009), so it's no problem
After Section 1 , I go For Section 4 : 
4.1 : exactly Same only needed to add # ipv6 nd raguard policy RAFILTERING 
      #hop-limit maximum 2 
4.2 : Same 
5.1 : Exactly Same , configured according to New H3 update . 
5.2 : exactly Same . 
5.3 : exactly Same . 
5.4 : Exactly Same  , the preconfiguration only Configured standby Ip . no preemtion , delay , timers , so added them . 
Then I come To Section 2 : 
2.1 Exactly Same , all  Routers In headquarters Configured With correct router-id under ospf .
2.2 Ospf was preconfigured with correct router-id , But Sw111 had loopback 2001 , advertised that loopback into ospf , 
loopback 1 of SW100 and Sw101 was not advertised in ospf "neccessary for Multicast " Advertised Them ,    No passive interface was configured under
SW110 and Sw111 so only prefix-suppression under ospf process Needed. 
2.3 Ospf was preconfigured with Correct Router-ids , only issue was Vlan 2000 and 2001 was passived under ospf process but not advertised in OSPF 
Advertised vlan 2000, 2001 in OSPF , cause its neccessary for Later when the output requies ping from User4. 
Could not touch R100 , Configured R42 with Proccess ID 2 and implement The Filtering according to new H3 Update. 
2.4 Exactly Same , correct router-id was preconfigured under BGP.
2.5 Implement Multipath , used the commands according to New H3 Update .  
2.6 External Bgp Neighbors were Configured , only thing was To add aggregate-timer , router-id , network , aggregate Statement under BGP . Question Was Exactly Same as workbook 
no required R14 and R15 . 
2.7 Required The Filtering for R10 , R11 , R14 , R15  , R20 , R21 , 
       configred The Filtering according to new H3 update Which sequence 1 with deny statement added at the begining and Configured the filtering for R10.R11 , R14 for DMVPN  , R20 and R21 
           although R15 was Configured Ebgp with ISP but Only Configured The Prefix-list In R15 didnt configured any filtering For R15. 
2.9 Configured BGP with Connected Ipv6 interfaces , and other same as Workbook , the preconfiguration only Configured Ebgp with ISP without Filtering , So all other things needed to be added . 
 Also Needed to add Ipv6 unicast-routing for SW111 . 
2.10 Exactly Same , Requested That in the output Info Source was loopback 1 of SW 100/ SW 101 . 
so configured 2nd Variation of Multicast in The Workbook , 
Then Started 2.11 : Configured it according To NEw H3 Update , but at the End The question States It should Have The Exact Match : 
"""""Everything Matched without R13 , in R13 Requested #sh ip pim rp mapping , The Info source was , It confused me abit , i just thought with my self 
The statement was saying Exact match so i removed the send-rp-discovery loopback 1 from SW100 and SW101 , ANd Remove the rp-announce-filter from Both Switches and Configured 
the Send-RP-discovery to of SW100 , and ADvertised That network into BGP . 
And The OUtput matched as Required , Then I check The Question 2.10 Which The info source was Required was but It was Required IN SW100 , So After My configuration I 
used The command on SW100 # sh ip pim rp mapping  : the source was , so Both Problems Was Solved and The Both required Output was Solved , IN R13 the info source was 
Both Output Exactly Matched as The Exam Required.
 ^^^^ The important Point comes into Filtering , I did configure access-list 2 according to New Update and Configured it in the E0/0 of R30/R31 as follows : 
ip multicast boundary 2 filter-autorp 
But When R31 used Ping It Got Replies from Both SW111 and SW300 , It Confused me , after A while  I changed the filtering according to this : 
R30/R31 : # int e0/0 
  # no ip multicast boundary 2 filter-autorp 
# ip multicast boundary filter-autorp 2 
Then all the Desired Output Matched Exactly AS the Output .  
3.1 Mpls Vpn 
Exacly Same , Only Needed to add mpls ldp router-id loopback 0 force , 
and Other Config Same AS Work Book . 
Only Point need to be added is The PE routers didnt have RD configured , But IN The output Which needs to match It has Route-distinguisher 
So Copied The RD from The Output to the PE routers in the MPLS VPN ,  and added The Route-target Export and Import Accoring to That RD.
3.2 DMVPN 
Exactly Same , Only Alot Of lines on R14 need to be matched By The 2 Spokes , 
The only Thing I did i go to R14 # added ip nhrp redirect and IP nhrp map multicast dynamic 
 and opened a notepad COnfigured Config for R51, R60 Exactly from R14 . Copied it into R51, R60 . 
The DMVPN tunnel Become Up . 
And For IPSEC the crypto Keyring was not configured , Configured them and added them . 
For BGP The spokes were configured for Ebgp without local-as and allowas-in , So FIxed that . 
Exactly Same 
 Only Required was R60 should not send unnecessary arp request to ISP , so I configured No ip proxy-arp For R60 .
Exactly Same 
Only Configured Static Route to . 
But when i tried I was not working , I checked and checked again , my config was Correct , 
after a while i notice when i added the crypto map comman on R71 e0/0 , it was not added WTF , I added the crypto map again . The the Ping And Traceroute worked . 
!!!!!! Finished in 3 hours Verified it and did the command Write in each router in 1 hour. 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good luck Guys hope you all recieve your Number SOon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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